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cropped-08_16_twisted_lure_logo_f-2.pngTwisted Lure Charters was born on Hermosa Beach on an evening after an eventful fishing trip. We had been visiting Costa Rica together for several years and had plans to move once our daughter finishes school. Fabian had been our fishing guide every trip to the Guanacaste area and over the years our friendship was solid… Fabian had now become family. Sitting on the beach, chatting with Fabian, we got to joking about starting a charter company together.  A couple nights of this chatter, and the joke became much more serious. Over Imperials, a plan was hatched and Twisted Lure Charters took shape.

After several ‘shopping’ trips to Costa Rica, more than 15 boats, and countless Tico bargaining deals, Pura Alegria was finally found… and loved immediately. There was no doubt she was our boat when we saw her. (Learn all about her on the BOAT page).

With unwavering support from our families and friends, our dream would become a reality… We were able to start Twisted Lure Charters with a phenomenal Captain and a beautiful boat. We fell in love with the beauty, the people and the lifestyle of Costa Rica and we hope that, through Twisted Lure Charters, we can bring those joys to others.

Twisted Lure was born out of love, friendship and passion for fishing and we can’t wait to take you on your next fishing trip!


Pura Vida,

Craig and Susan Niles